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Acid-based straightening is dramatically reduce your curl and frizz hair around 80-90%, and our products may help to make your hair strong. If your hair is tight and thick curl hair or heavily damaged hair it may not get super straight, however, your hair will be manageable enough. Acid-based straightening is colour-friendly products and also effective for thin, aged, bleached and damaged hair. Acid-based straightening does not break down the hair bond much, it opens the cuticle of the hair slightly and allows the treatment to penetrate. In addition, the amount of water is adjusted with an iron, and the effect of acid and treatment makes your hair straight. This means that your hair quality will improve and you will feel it stronger and thicker than before.

Our chemical permanent straightening is a formaldehyde-free product made in Japan, and there are 12 type of products. It removes your curl, hair volume, and frizz by chemically restructuring your bond. We choose the best product for each client and their desired results. The hair stays permanently straight but you will need to come to get regrowth straightening done after 3-6 months.

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$350 ~

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