We always try to offer our clients the very best service and in keeping with this we are able to send a SMS reminder to your mobile phone 48 hours prior to your appointment. You can simply text back yes or no to keep or cancel your appointment. Confirming your appointment will be seen as an acknowledgement of our cancellation policy.


If you need to re-scheduled your appointment we require 24 hours notice. Please keep in mind that last minute cancellations limits preferred appointment times for yourself.


If you do not text back yes or no within 24 hours after receiving a SMS reminder, we will cancel your appointment automatically.

Despite you confirmed your appointment, if you cancel it on the day, we would have to ask you to pay a 50% cancellation fee.

If you do not let us know in advance that you would like to cancel your appointment, we would have to ask you to pay a 100% cancellation fee.

In the case of deferred payment, we request a cancellation fee on the next appointment time.



Thank you from the Team 'Upa

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